rospects are a fickle bunch, aren't they? They click on your ads, they lurk on your website, they watch your demo at PACK EXPO Connects or add some of your products to their show planner, and then come back to your website to get more information. Tracking that customer journey is maddening. Marketing Automation software is an island on your website, restricted only to recognizing inbound marketing, unable to forge links with your activity from PACK EXPO Connects or your digital marketing with PMMI Media Group.

Google Analytics is awesome, but it only tells you how many. It doesn't tell you who. A yawner for anyone with sales responsibilities, and frustrating for B2B marketers hungry for more.

Proving ROI on your outbound marketing investment for PACK EXPO Connects or year-round can be tough. Wouldn't it be awesome if there were some simple piece of software that could tie it all together for you and paint a picture of not just what people are interacting with your brand, but illustrating movement across the entire buying team, all at the account level? You need something to prove to marketing VPs that you have a handle on marketing spend attribution, and something to provide sales VPs which potential new accounts show the most promise based on the buying team's browsing behavior.

What if I told you that this software exists, and that it is free to PACK EXPO Connects exhibitors? (For now, that is.) And that installing it takes about five minutes, with zero configuration? Too good to be true? Keep reading.

The first piece of software you need to know about is Converge. Converge does one thing, and does one thing well: it reveals buying behavior from the entire buying team. Think of it as an account-based marketing attribution tool. Sales execs love it because they see actionable account-based information. Marketing execs love it because it proves the value of marketing in a visceral way, account by account. With Converge, there is actually literally nothing to install. It comes pre-configured to your company. Once you start doing marketing with PMMI Media Group or with PMMI trade shows, all of the behavior is consolidated in your Converge dashboard for you automatically. Converge is constantly scanning your leads and clicks for "convergence" of serial engagement with your company's messaging and digital assets.

Converge can show one person clicking across multiple e-mail or Facebook deployments that you've purchased through PMMI Media Group. It can also show when that person has interacted with your virtual showroom--or was involved with one of your live demos--at PACK EXPO Connects, and visited your website. (When the physical shows return, Converge also shows website browsing behavior of those scanned at your booth.) Converge has powerful account-based marketing smarts built-in, can show two or more people from the same company location, or even from different company locations that are related. We use D&B's corporate family tree data to power company location relationships in Converge, automatically, quietly, in the background.

Converge really comes alive with Scout (same link). Scout is an optional web beacon you install on your website like any other JavaScript beacon or tag. (Also, for the time being, free.) Unlike marketing automation software, Scout has the ability to recognize the identity of visitors your website from PACK EXPO Connects or from PMMI Media Group digital campaigns. Scout reports that activity back to you in a way that is fully compliant with all global privacy laws, via our Converge tool.

We do NOT use IP address for tracking, as reverse IP data is notoriously unreliable. Believe me, we tried it. There are a lot of IP-based solutions out there and they fall apart in about a thousand different ways. Once you get outside of large corporate entities that data becomes unreliable pretty quickly. All anonymized data reported through Converge and Scout is 100% reliable and verified. In every single case actually know the identity when we report anonymous behavior; we just anonymize for privacy purposes. All reverse IP-based solutions cannot do this.

So now for the first time you can see real activity on your website with real company names (and where privacy regulations and norms permit, contact names and email addresses). Don't take it from me, however. Listen to what my friend Tara Abbott says. She's the North American Marketing Manager for Domino, and has a firm hand in running one of the more sophisticated marketing operations in the packaging field.  Domino was an early adopter of Scout:

"I took a look at our Converge and Scout report and was nothing short of blown away. I cannot tell you what a game changer this is. We are blown away. Truly. This is the attribution we want to see." -- Tara Abbott, Marketing Manager, North America, Domino

Please get in touch with your PMMI Media Group sales rep or Wendy Sawtell, PMMI Media Group's VP/Sales, as soon as you can. There are two reasons why:

1. Right now Scout and Converge are both free. That may not last for long. We may start charging an annual fee for this software. Companies who install Scout now are permanently grandfathered in for free in perpetuity. Why wait?

2. Install Scout now, before you run your pre-PACK EXPO Connects marketing. Get the full value out of it for this upcoming virtual event, both before and after the event itself.

Get the marketing attribution you deserve at a price that may not last.

Sep 2, 2020
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