ne of the benefits of a virtual event is that your showroom can continue to generate leads even after the live experience is over. PACK EXPO Connects will be accessible to your prospects until March 31, 2021. A few simple actions will help your investment deliver additional value in the coming months.

Study your LeadWorks report to identify your most promising leads. Your PACK EXPO Connects leads, including those from the Customer Invite Program, all flow into LeadWorks, PMMI Media Group’s leads management platform. Did you know you can view multi-touch leads activity by contact and by company in the Converge dashboard in LeadWorks? This information can be invaluable in helping to rank leads and prioritize accounts. Learn more about Converge and find out more about our free, privacy-compliant beacon, Scout, to gain additional insights into what prospects are viewing on your website.

Nurture the leads you generated. B2B sales cycles can be many months and research shows that almost half of packaging equipment buyers spend between six and 12 months choosing a vendor. Knowing this timeline, you’ll want to keep the conversation going with prospects you discovered at PACK EXPO Connects.  Some buyers may be closer to choosing a vendor and placing an order, but others will still be in the research phase. Be sure to nurture potential customers, no matter where they are in the sales funnel. Here’s an informative article about identifying intent from PMMI Media Group’s Marketing Insights resource.

Publish your demo recordings. If you didn’t immediately publish your demo recording after the broadcast, we recommend you do so. You can share the link with anyone who added it to their planner, as well as anyone on your customer and prospect list. Video is one of the best formats for generating leads and it’s ideal when face-to-face meetings are curtailed.

Continue to promote. You invested time and money into outfitting your showroom with products, videos, live demos and other collateral. Many of your prospects may not have attended, for any number of reasons. But your showroom – and all of the event educational sessions – are still available to attract buyers to the event site. Your personalized invitation link from the Customer Invites Program is still available, and it’s easy to customize a post-event message.

Keep your showroom up to date. PMMI Media Group will be promoting PACK EXPO Connects in the months to come. Buyers will continue to search the 700+ showrooms and lead-generation will continue. Be sure that your products, descriptions and any collateral you have posted is up to date. You’ll want to be looking your best!


Oct 26, 2020

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