hen it comes to naming your live demo, the number one mistake exhibitors make is to presume interest from attendees, or write it from the exhibitor’s perspective, not from the attendees’ perspective.

In this post, we list some examples of bad titles that we’ve seen, followed by examples of good titles.

Don’t worry. We’ve disguised the bad examples enough to protect the not-so-innocent. They are instructive for the purposes of this blog post without revealing which exhibitor wrote them.

Meet the new XYZ

Remarks: The attendee will think, who cares? I didn’t care about the old XYZ

XYZ Company model XY-14 monoblock filler

Remarks: This is the number one mistake we see with all the titles. The exhibitor is confusing the product name with the demo name and presumes interest.

Automatic Labeling Equipment

Remarks: This one is even worse. It’s so broad and vague as to be completely unengaging to a potential attendee.

Apac® Trifecta®

Remarks: This is not the time to work in clever product names that don’t describe what the demo is about.

Cannabis Packaging

Remarks: Not enough. While the mention of a specific vertical market is great, the attendee is left to wonder, What kind of packaging? Is this about a specific kind of machine? The title should say so. Just putting a hot market doesn’t clinch it. We see a lot of this. “E-commerce Packaging” is another example.

XYZ Company multipack capabilities

Remarks: While it’s better than just listing a product name, it’s very much written from the exhibtor’s perspective, not the attendee’s. Why would attendee care about XYZ Company’s multipack capabilities? They’ve been given no reason.

Best food packaging solutions

Remarks: This is simply way too broad. We need to know what the demo is about. Is it about a particular kind of packaging machine? Food processing machine? Or a certain kind of material? Or a service? Attendees are likely to think: “I don’t know, and I don’t care. Let’s move on.”

Good examples

Here are some examples of good titles that we’ve seen:

Reducing Machine & Production Line Downtime By Preventing It
Increase Line Performance By 10 Points: OEE Audits & Improvement Plans
Avoiding The 5 Deadly Mistakes Of Turnkey Packaging Line Integration
Complete Cannabis Labeling Solutions
Packaging during COVID-19
Labeling and Coding Options for Life Sciences
Enabling PET Packaging Recyclability
Calculate the Sustainability Impact of Your Labeling Material Choice
Benefits of clean-peal technology for Tyvek
Hygienic high-speed vertical packaging solution for frozen food
Cleaning Process Tanks Faster with Rotary and Jet Sprays

All of the above are specific enough so that the attendee knows in advance what it’s about. Nearly all are tied to either a specific trend in the market, a pain point that attendees might be experiencing, or a specific vertical market. They are all written from the attendee’s perspective. They do not presume interest. To the contrary, they presume disinterest, and they fight for the attendees’ attention with every word.

If you haven’t already, please read our post on how to write a good title for your Live Demo.


Aug 31, 2020
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