esearch has shown that an attendee that receives a personal invitation from an exhibitor is more likely to visit that exhibitor’s booth (or in this year’s case showroom).   3 out of 4 booth/showroom visits are pre-planned.   I am sure you are thinking, how can I effectively plan and promote my booth and do both well?  As an exhibitor of PACK EXPO Connects, through the Customer Invite Program you have access to multi-channel marketing materials that are pre-populated with content ready for you to personalize with your company name, logo and in some cases direct link to your showroom.  

Channels include:

‚ÄĘ Digital Web Banners

‚ÄĘ Email Invitations

‚ÄĘ Landing Page Invitation

‚ÄĘ Social Media Tools

And the best part is that all of these materials are available with a unique registration link where your contacts can register for free, and you can track the lead immediately.  This means you will know who used your link to register so that you can follow up and start setting up appointments right away.  Now that’s a win/win!  Utilization of the tools available to you in the Customer Invite Program will assist with your marketing initiatives to give you more time to plan your showroom!

Get started today at www.packexpoconnects.com/cip!


Sep 29, 2020

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