robably the single most asked question of this whole virtual event revolves around the question of how to handle people who might be disruptive during a demo.

All exhibitors and attendees alike must abide by our Code of Conduct (which by the way prohibits competitors from attending one anothers' demos).

If you spot someone who is not complying with the Code of Conduct, you actually do have some control during the demo to address this in real time. There are a couple things you can do as an exhibitor:

1. Anyone from the exhibitor who is logged in with a virtual business card will have the ability to delete specific comments within the chat or remove someone from the group chat entirely, which also removes them from the demo.

2. The presenter (or host) can also remove any participant from the demo. That attendee is further prevented from rejoining that particular demo. (But they can rejoin other demos.)

It's not possible to kick off someone in advance; but you will know who registers for your demo in advance so you can come prepared.

We advise exhibitors to use this capability sparingly, only for someone who is being disruptive or for someone who is a real competitor. Don't, for example, rush to block people with a gmail address. Some packaging and processing end users prefer to use their personal email address for work-related things like this due to issues with corporate emails and corporate firewalls. We see it in our own audience data.

But if you do see someone who is violating the code of conduct (for any reason, including rowdy, off-color or disruptive remarks), rest assured that you do have a few options available to you to moderate the demo.

Sep 4, 2020
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