ears ago PMMI Media Group used to offer a nifty product: 360° spin-and-zoom photography. This required specialized cameras that cost $25,000 operated by trained professionals. That meant shipping packages across the country to specialized photography studios that would shoot packages or machine components and (hopefully) return them.  It was clunky, but it worked, if time-consuming.

It faded from the scene quicker than I'd hoped. Part of the problem is that it was a hassle  shipping packages or components (that needed to be returned) and project managing the whole process. However, the other (and in my view bigger) problem is this wasn't a viable solution for machine builders. You can't hoist a 5-ton machine onto a lazy susan. Or if you did you would certainly pull a muscle! And crush the lazy susan.

Fast forward to the year 2020. Like all technology, the quality of the software and cameras has improved and the price has plummeted to the point where you can shoot a year's worth of photography on your mobile device and host them online for the price of one of those fancy Chicago dinners after a hard day's work at PACK EXPO.

The team at PMMI scoured several purveyors of this technology to find one that worked best for our exhibitors. And best of all, the technology we selected works not only with small items such as packages or machine components, it works especially well for larger packaging and processing machines. A tip of the bowler hat to Stephan Girard, our Senior Director of Education & Workforce Development, who unearthed this find.

If you want to cut to the chase, here's a link to instructions Stephan has prepared along with Mike Fisch, PMMI's A/V guru.

If you're a machine builder, check out this tutorial video that shows how to take a 360 spin-and-zoom image of a large object. (That link "jumps" to the 4:56 mark, which is where they shoot a car.)

What do you do with this 360° experience? You paste the link into your virtual showroom under Collateral items. You can general leads when someone adds this to your virtual showroom (although not by simply clicking it), or you can also generate leads by promoting the 360 experience in one of our PACK EXPO Connects Exhibitor Preview e-newsletters.

If you see Stephan, give him a virtual clap on the back. Not only did he find this tool for you, he negotiated a 25% discount for PACK EXPO Connects exhibitors! The special promotional code is in the instructional document above.

Aug 26, 2020
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