pace is pretty tight in the PACK EXPO Connects Exhibitor Preview E-Newsletters (excerpt pictured below) — just 70  characters max per headline and 280 per body text. Most prospects will be skimming listings and determining which suppliers to visit based on types of equipment featured, supplier’s experience with their particular industry or use case and supplier’s ability to meet most pressing pain point(s), such as speed or accuracy.

Here’s how to make the best use of your placement(s) and garner greatest number of clicks:

• Highlight most relevant product and services based on the theme of the newsletter. Don’t rely on a one-size-fits all description of your Showroom. Instead, be sure to reference demo topics or equipment that would be of particular interest to those opening. If the theme of the newsletter is cartoning & multipacking, for example, using space to discuss your case packing equipment isn’t likely to garner as many clicks.

• Focus on what’s special. What makes presence at virtual events far most appealing to prospects is the opportunity for real engagement and access to exclusive or new content. As such, be sure to reference anything “special” happening at the event: live demos, the ability for Q&A with any technical staff, any show-related discounts, any products making their debut, special case studies you may be sharing, etc.

• Don’t assume prior knowledge of your company or products. Avoid using product names in your headlines—something like the “XYZ Capper” isn’t nearly as appealing as “Scalable Capping Solutions for Craft Brewers” to beverage manufacturers looking to improve output. Also, be sure to reference any points of distinction regarding product class or your expertise that would differentiate from others in the category wherever possible (i.e., sanitary, high-speed, horizontal [versus vertical] wrapping, experts in “harsh environment” coding, etc.).

• Highlight what’s happening at the Showroom (versus product) level. It can be tempting to focus on only one product—but if you have multiple products in the category or other happenings taking place that would be of interest, such as relevant case studies or videos or demos, be sure to reference those as well. The more ways to entice the audience to visit your showroom for content specific to their needs, the better.

• Lastly, keep specs in mind and verify appropriate rendering before approval. Specs for Exhibitor Preview Newsletters are as follows:

• Company name: 50-character count maximum, including spaces

• Ad image: 179px x128px (jpeg, png, gif) – advertiser can scale the image in eBuilder

• Ad headline: 70-character count maximum, including spaces

• CTA button – Fixed: View this Exhibitor

• Showroom Link/URL

• Ad Copy: 280-character count maximum, including spaces


Aug 25, 2020

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